Ghd Air Diffuser Review

What is the GHD Air Diffuser?
GHD may be better recognised for its hair straighteners, but it really covers all phases of hair styling, with the GHD Air its at-home hairdryer.

Ghd Air Diffuser

I tell entry level, but this hairdryer costs £99 – that still gives it a hell of a lot dirtier than the £300 Dyson Supersonic and on a level with the higher-end race.

The GHD Air is a 2100w hairdryer, and carries ionic technology for dominating frizz, which GHD remarks come together to provide a salon finish up to two times quicker than a “regular consumer dryer”. Whatever that is.

GHD Air Diffuser – Design and features
Like utmost of its products, the GHD Air really looks the part. Most of the material is a matte black plastic, which gives it really comfortable to hold, but there are iron accents to help provide it with a bit of ability too. Even the filter on the back has been given attention to and looks beautiful.

The hairdryer also has short, almost unnoticeable, rubber guards near the logo on each side, so you don’t lay it flat and make cuts to the body. That suggests that while testing, it was one of the models to choose up the least scuffs on its external casing.

At 600g for the main body, it’s not the smallest model we’ve tested, but it is well stable, so it doesn’t seem top heavy.

Its matte finish provides it a few more hold in the hand, too.

Two see-saw controls (three heat options, two speeds) are located on the back of the handle, providing them with both available for left- and right-handed users. Still, both have done recessed so they sit flat to the name when in the idle state. It’s a very neat way of making things but doesn’t always give them the relaxed to press down.

The cool shot button sits separately on the inside of the handle and is very large. It’s also a little on the stiff side too, meaning holding it down for more than a short period is a bit of a pain.

The cable measures in at 2.8m, so plenty long suitable for most situations, and it begins with one wide styling nozzle – a diffuser is available individually should you need one.

GHD Air – Performance
One point is for sure – the GHD Air wipes hair fast. Its 2100w motor is able of 22.3m/s at its greatest and hottest setting, which drained our test cloth out in 1 minute 30, the quickest we’ve tested yet.

That’s excellent if you are in a rush, but we did get the closest setting very hot admittedly, giving it only really fitting for destroying the hair dry. You’ll find the medium heat is more fitting for more careful hair drying when you aren’t moving the nose around so much.

It’s a little loud, chalking up 103dB on its greatest setting, but it doesn’t have a high-pitched side to its motor noise so the GHD Air’s sound isn’t too disturbing.

The combined nozzle is hugely useful when it gets to styling hair. It’s wide but very thin, meaning it leads airflow very well really. The only niggle I had with it is that it’s very stiff to attach or remove. This might be something that eases with time, but certainly, during testing, it needed some real power to get it off – disturbing if you typically want to use the dryer with and without the end.

Overall, results with the GHD Air were great indeed, and I could make a good, sleek blow-dry without much confusion. The cool shot button is pretty powerful, though we’d argue it doesn’t go as cool as immediately as on some dryers.

Should I purchase the GHD Air?

The GHD Air is a smart, fast-drying hairdryer that is also capable to do more accuracy styling great too. It’s at the pricier end of the colour, but once repeatedly, shows precisely where the additional budget is going in its build and performance. This hairdryer is convenient to use and comparatively quiet, but its checks – through clear and well laid out – are just a little fiddly for my liking.

It absolutely gets the fight to dangerous competition, gave those recessed controls don’t bother you too much. We ahve another website blog whre you can read more review and tips about beauty care products.

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