ghd aura Hairdryer Review

I was fortunate enough to be given the marvellous new Ghd Aura hairdryer from ghd newly so I thought I’d do a bit of a summary post for you all to let you recognise what I remembered of it! Everyone understands ghd for their classic straighteners that beautiful much changed the hairstyles of a whole period and clearly banished my teenage frizz back in the day, but I think it’s easy to face other products when it appears to hair styling and hair care.

ghd Air Hairdryer Review

It was only when I reviewed the earlier model, the ghd Air Hairdryer, on my website a while back that I understood what a difference a great hairdryer can perform! I’m sure I recognise writing (or at least telling to everyone I understand) that it was like utilising the Porsche of hairdryers related to my old one (which apparently would have been more further with the lines of a fiat punto). Well if the ghd Air is the Porsche of hairdryers, the Aura is more similar to the Ferarri!

It’s an incline on the earlier model, with a relaxed look and power but with a few clear differences. The Aura is much calm, with an outside power supply built into the chain which means it’s much easier too – no longer arm cramps while you’re exhausting long hair! Like the Air model, it is super fast for drying even my long hair and holds three heat settings to help decrease any heat loss – I find that the medium setting is ideal for day-to-day use! It also has a cool thrill button to help set your style after wind drying.

It ensures a volumising blow dry with a bright, GHD products that protects your hair and it surely doesn’t disappoint. It has a built-in ioniser which transports frizz, but the part that I found gives the most variety is the straight nozzle which directs the air and offers for a volumised blow dry which is super simple to style.

All in all, I’m sold! One again ghd have explained to me that a famous hairdryer can perform all the variation when it arrives at getting care of your hair and styling a fabulous look. If you imagined ghd was only safe for straighteners, it’s clearly time to think again!

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