Ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Hairbrush Size 3 Review

This large barrel brush is ideally satisfied for blow-drying longer hair. The ceramic barrel holds its heat too, providing for a faster blow-dry.

Simply blast hair till it’s 80% dry and later work with common sections, putting the brush into the root area and managing the heat from your dryer at the container. Keep the tension as you run the brush within your hair, focusing heat at the container as you go.

ghd ceramic vented radial hairbrush size 3

Style tip:

To build soft waves, dry each section (as detailed above) and then cover it throughout the brush. Straight heat from your dryer on to the container of the brush and then start to cool for 30 seconds. Sound with the cool shot on your dryer is gently separating the section. here you will get more posts about european hair products tips & review


  • Deep and vented
  • Ceramic container
  • 45 mm width
  • Delicate touch, non-slip finish handle
  • ghd ceramic vented radial hairbrush size 3

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