Ghd Professional hairDryer

The GHD Air Professional Hairdryer has a robust 2100W motor for super quick drying and ionic technology that benefits decrease frizz and flyaways. Testers liked how fast the dryer exhausted their hair and how stable their holes looked.

Average – this product has been carefully evaluated to have average sound levels for this section.

GHD Expert Verdict
When introduced to our testers, they were fast to mention how compact and lightweight the hairdryer though. They also mentioned that the controls were very simple to use and the heat settings immediately advised to dry hair. Some testers considered the dryer was a bit too hot and burned their scalps at the highest setting, but held the concentrator nozzles did a good job leading the air flow.

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From the lab test, it was discovered that the air heat of the dryer was between 75-104C, while the outer surface of the barrel survived a safe temperature to manage after a blowout. Overall testers were satisfied that the dryer was easy to hold, not too loud, and did their hair look smoother.


  • Testers preferred the compact design
  • Testers thought the controls were simple to use
  • Testers thought it smoothed their hair perfectly


  • Some testers thought that the dryer was a bit difficult
  • Some testers thought the dryer was too heated
  • All product knowledge provided by the company is correct at time of writing.

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